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The quality of recording is of the utmost importance, and Tom works from his own private studio, which features a Studiobricks vocal booth, equipped with industry standard hardware and software.


The Neumann TLM103 and Sennheiser MKH416 microphones are the quality standard for the voiceover studio. The Neumann is a large diaphragm microphone for the utmost in in low noise and superb sound quality. The Sennheiser is a shotgun mic often used in film making. It's very popular with voice artists when we need a microphone to cut-through the mix.


The Avalon M5 is a pure Class A microphone preamp, designed to capture absolute signal integrity and musical detail. Digital conversion is via Universal Audio's Apollo Twin which delivers gold-standard audio quality with increased dynamic range, breathtaking clarity, depth, and accuracy. 


For recording, editing and mastering, Tom uses networked Apple computers running Adobe Audition, one of the most versatile and comprehensive digital audio workstations available to the professional voiceover artist, plus Yamaha monitors and Beyer Dynamic headphone monitoring solutions.

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