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How fast is your turnaround time?

Depending on the length of your script, I can usually record and deliver your audio recording within 24 hours, or if you need a super-fast turnaround I can often deliver within hours. Obviously, more complex projects, longer narrations or audiobooks will take more time. Whatever the project, I will agree a delivery deadline with you, and meet it.


How do I know that you are the right voice?

Have a listen to the samples on the right, the portfolio of my recent work, or go to the contact page, send me part of your own script and I'll record a free, no-obligation custom voiceover audition. That way you can be sure my voice is the one for your project.


How much is it going to cost me?

I charge fees based on the length of your script and how the voiceover will be used. So, a national TV commercial will cost a lot more than a telephone announcement! You can either let me know your budget or ask me for a quote.


Do you charge for pick ups and corrections?

No, the price you are given includes any necessary corrections or retakes within 28 days.  If there are subsequent changes to the script made by you, a small fee may apply.


How can I pay?

I accept payments via Paypal or bank transfer, payable following completion and delivery.

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"The best work comes out of great relationships. Trust and respect are the keys to a great relationship and I have a reputation in the voice over industry built on reliability, honesty & integrity. 

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